Responsibilities and membership of Selwyn's District Licensing Committee (alcohol licensing)

Each territorial authority (Council) must appoint a District Licensing Committee (DLC) to manage alcohol licensing matters within its district. The DLC is deemed to be a Commission of Inquiry. It also acts to provide information to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority (ARLA).

Functions of the DLC include:

  • hearing and determining applications for licences and managers’ certificates
  • determining temporary authority applications (on/off-licences)
  • varying, suspending or cancelling special licences
  • referring applications to ARLA
  • other functions conferred on it by any Act (s.187(h))

DLC members have terms of office of five years.  A DLC hearing panel is made up of a chair and two members (out of eight appointed community members).  Not every application requires a hearing.  Where licensing applications receive no objections or opposition the Chairperson can form a quorum of one and hear the application on the papers.

The public may object to an application.  Click on “Public Objection Form” to make a public objection.

Public Objection Form [PDF, 61 KB]

Our current DLC Membership

    • Sue Griffin (Commissioner)
    • Greg Clapp (Commissioner)
    • Robin Killworth (Commissioner)
    • Simon McDonnell (Commissioner)
    • Gary Lee
    • Tracy McIlraith
    • Tanya Surrey