Explains the process for arranging a Temporary Authority for an alcohol licence

If you are taking over an existing business that is licensed to sell alcohol you will need to apply for a Temporary Authority to be able to continue to sell alcohol. A Temporary Authority allows the new owner of a licensed premises to trade on the existing licence until they obtain a new licence in their own name. It is issued for three months.

If possible, an application for a Temporary Authority should be lodged at least 20 working days before the takeover date. This allows the Inspector and Police to enquire into the application, and for the District Licensing Committee to meet to determine it. It is recommended that this timeframe be taken into account when agreeing on a takeover date.

To apply for a Temporary Authority you will need to complete the application form, attach a copy of the sale and purchase agreement and copy of the lease agreement, and pay the application fee.


Local Alcohol Policy

Selwyn District Council has had a Local Alcohol Policy [PDF, 116 KB] as of 24th April 2017.

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