An On Licence allows the sale and supply of alcohol for consumption in or on the specified licensed premises i.e. restaurants, cafes, taverns and hotels. The licensed area is defined on plans provided by the applicant and may include outside areas such as decks, gardens, etc.

On Licences can also be issued for conveyances such as boats or trains.

Changes to Alcohol Licensing

The new Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 came into force on 18 December 2013 and replaces the old Sale of Liquor Act 1989. The new Act changes some requirements for the licences and certificates that are issued. All licence holders are required to comply with the new law.


Forms for licence applications have been updated. Please ensure you use the latest version on this website - they are different from previous years.

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An information sheet is available that details how to make an application.

To sell alcohol you must also have food available, this my mean you need a food licence.

Local Alcohol Policy

Selwyn District Council has had a Local Alcohol Policy in place as of 24th April 2017.

New Requirements for On Licences

Under the new Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act there are new criteria that your business must meet to be issued a new or renewed licence. These include the suitability of the applicant, the hours proposed, the design and layout of the premises, and whether the amenity and good order of the locality will be affected by the business. The application form details the information that needs to be provided as part of the application.

There are also new rules around maximum trading hours, host responsibilities and the advertising and promotion of alcohol.

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If you have any questions in regard to applying for an On- licence, please contact us.