The Local Alcohol Policy specifies how alcohol providers may operate in Selwyn District.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 allows local councils to develop local alcohol policies. A local alcohol policy (LAP) is a set of decisions made by a local authority in consultation with its community about the sale and supply of alcohol in its geographical area. Once a LAP is in place, licensing bodies must consider it when they make decisions about alcohol licensing applications.

A LAP can have conditions that:

  • limit the location of licences in particular areas or near certain types of facilities such as in specific neighbourhoods or near schools or churches (this doesn't apply to special licences)
  • limit the density of licences by specifying whether new licences or types of licences should be issued in a particular area (this doesn't apply to special licences)
  • impose conditions on groups of licences, such as a 'one-way door' condition that would allow patrons to leave premises but not enter or re-enter after a certain time
  • restrict or extend the maximum opening hours set in the new Act.
  • A LAP can have different conditions for different areas within the council's District.

The Selwyn District Local Alcohol Policy [PDF, 116 KB] (LAP) came into force on 24 April 2017. It is due for renewal in April 2022.