Operative as of 24 February 2010

Operative as of 24 February 2010


The town of Prebbleton is expected to grow by an additional 1,295 households over the next 30 years , which presents a number of opportunities but also needs to be managed to ensure development is co-ordinated and does not undermine the attributes that make Prebbleton a sought-after town in which to reside.

The Prebbleton Structure Plan was developed in consultation with the community and adopted in February 2010.

This Plan details what community services and infrastructure are required and the character elements that need to be protected to ensure the amenity that distinguishes the township from other urban areas in Greater Christchurch is retained.

Land Use Recovery Plan for Greater Christchurch (LURP)

The Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, Hon. Gerry Brownlee, directed Environment Canterbury to prepare a Land Use Recovery Plan (LURP), in a collaborative partnership with its strategic partners: Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, NZ Transport Agency, Christchurch City Council, Selwyn and Waimakariri District Councils.

The LURP has now been adopted and incorporates changes to the District Plan to implement the Structure Plan. The changes include:

  • To rezone the residential ‘Greenfield’ areas identified within the Prebbleton Structure Plan and Change 1 to the Regional Policy Statement to a Living Z zone, with accompanying Outline Development Plans (72ha of land to facilitate the development of 650hh) (Plan Change 21Action 17)
  • To replace the existing Outline Development Plan that applies to the undeveloped portion of the Living 1A zone and update the minimum average allotment sizes, as they relate to the Prebbleton Living Z zone areas and the undeveloped portion of the Living 1A zone (Plan Change 21Action 17)
  • To amend existing Policy B4.1.1 (a) to better align it to the Residential Density Strategy (Plan Change 21Action 17)
  • To amend the Living Z zone minimum building coverage requirements for medium density housing and apply fencing controls to properties within the Living Z zone that border Council reserves (Plan Change 21Action 17)
  • Prepare a further Outline Development Plan for Area 3, which must be presented to the Minister by May 2014 (Action 18)

All of the changes can be viewed in Appendix 4 of the Land Use Recovery Plan and the District Plan.

To discuss this plan change, please contact the Duty Planner on (03) 347-2868 or email planninginfo@selwyn.govt.nz