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Operative as of 26 September 2012

Operative as of 26 September 2012

Amendments to Banks Peninsula District Plan, Christchurch City Plan, Selwyn District Plan, and Waimakariri District Plan


The District Plans in the greater Christchurch area are amended from the publication of this notice by adding a new objective, new policies and new rules for workers’ temporary accommodation.

District Plan Township Volume [PDF, 1106 KB]

District Plan Rural Volume [PDF, 1106 KB]


The new provisions will apply to temporary uses and temporary buildings for workers’ accommodation and will override other district plan provisions for this activity.

The new provisions will provide certainty for accommodation providers, councils and communities and provide an RMA regulatory environment that facilitates suitable accommodation being available to meet the needs of workers supporting the rebuild of greater Christchurch.

Public Notice

Date published:  26 September 2012 in The Press.
Date it takes effect: 26 September 2012

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