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Operative as of 10 December 2010

Operative as of 10 December 2010

Rezone Rural Inner Plains to Living 1A6 Zone, Prebbleton

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Land photo to support plan change 2Land photo to support plan change 2Land photo to support plan change 2Land photo to support plan change 2

Plan Change 2 to the Selwyn District Plan (Township Volume) rezoned approximately 18.85 hectares of existing rural land to Living 1A6 zone for a mixed density of residential development.

The area rezoned is located at 49 to 53 and 65 Blakes Road and 27 Cairnbrae Drive, Prebbleton and is on the township’s western boundary.

The key changes made to the District Plan by Plan Change 2 included:

  • 200 households at a minimum density of 10 lots per hectare, provided in areas of low (1,000m2 minimum), medium (600m2 to 900m2) and high (400m2 to 600m2 average) density;
  • An Outline Development Plan (ODP) to guide the development of the site;
  • Two main access roads, including a new intersection off Blakes Road and an extension of Cairnbrae Drive;
  • Cycle and pedestrian access through a new access point off William Street;
  • Two green space (stormwater) reserves, one green open space (for passive recreation) and the extension of the existing playground to the west of William Street.

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Private Plan Change documents

Summary of Submissions [PDF, 88 KB]

Summary of Further Submissions [PDF, 74 KB]

Officer's Report 42a

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