Operative as of 19 March 2019

Operative 19 March 2019

Ballymena Holdings Ltd has lodged a private plan change request with the Council. The Plan Change seeks to rezone 31.32ha of Rural Outer Plans land near Springfield to a Residential Living 2  zone (rural residential type development).

Public Notice Operative Status [PDF, 23 KB]

Update 13 March 2019

A public notice was advertised on 12 March 2019 identifying that no appeals were received on PC 54 and that the provisions will become fully operative on 19 March 2019.

Latest News 17 December 2018

Council resolved at its meeting held on 12 December 2018 to accept the Commissioner's recommendation on Plan Change 54 as its formal decision. Council's decision to accept the request with notification, has been publicly notified, which provides an opportunity for submitters on Plan Change 54 to lodge an appeal. A copy of the public notice is below.

Public Notice Council Decision [PDF, 195 KB]

Update 29 November 2018

The following Commissioner’s recommendation report to Selwyn District Council (and Appendices 1 & 2) will be presented to Council for a decision on the 12 December 2018:

Commissioner's Recommendation Report [PDF, 375 KB]

Appendix 1 [PDF, 143 KB]

Appendix 2 [PDF, 429 KB]

Update 8 October 2018

Submitters supporting information

Written Presentation in support of submission [PDF, 127 KB]

Letter to Commissioner on behalf of Pip Saunders and Mitchell Limbe [PDF, 2238 KB]

Update 3 October 2018

The following Applicant's planning evidence has been prepared and circulated to submitters and the Commissioner for consideration at the hearing:

Applicant Statement of Hearing Evidence
[PDF, 340 KB]

Outline Development Plan
[PDF, 424 KB]

Update 17 September 2018

Hearing and Officer Report

A Commissioner has been appointed and a hearing is to be held at Tawera Memorial Hall Community Centre, State Highway 73, Springfield on the 11 October 2018 at 9am, to consider the application.

The following notice provides further information on the hearing, including who is able to present evidence:

Notice of Hearing [PDF, 64 KB]

The following Officer's report has been prepared and circulated to submitters and the Commissioner for consideration at the hearing:

Officer's s42A Report [PDF, 6066 KB]
Appendix 1: SDC Servicing Memo [PDF, 48 KB]
Appendix 2: SDC Transport Memo [PDF, 142 KB]

Further Submissions:

FS01 Louise Davies [PDF, 2242 KB]
FS02 Phillipa Saunders and Mitchell Limbe [PDF, 876 KB]
FS03 Caroline Hawkins [PDF, 25 KB]
FS04 Tara and Grant Keogh [PDF, 2259 KB]

Update 13 June 2018

The submissions have been summarised and are open for further submission from 19 June 2018. Further submissions will close at 5pm on 3 July 2018. The public notice below explains that process further.

Public notice of submissions and call for further submissions [PDF, 71 KB]
Summary of Submissions  [PDF, 37 KB]
Submission Form [PDF, 42 KB]


01 Mark Harnden [PDF, 502 KB]
02 Catherine & Les Barnett [PDF, 2757 KB]
03 Zoe & David Morey [PDF, 4457 KB]
04 Phillipa Saunders & Mitchell Limbe [PDF, 2127 KB]
05 Nicky Snoyink [PDF, 287 KB]
06 Peter & Pamela Aldersley [PDF, 1090 KB]
07 Dr Bruce Smith [PDF, 974 KB]
08 Roger Radcliffe [PDF, 278 KB]

Update 2 May 2018

Public Notification

Any person or organisation may make a submission supporting or opposing any aspect of this plan change. Submissions must be written and in accordance with Form 5 of the Resource Management Regulation.

Submissions are now closed and Form 5 unavailable

The request was publicly notified in the Selwyn Times newspaper on 2 May 2018

Public Notice [PDF, 409 KB]

Council accepted the request for public notification at its meeting held 18 April 2018

Council report [PDF, 1241 KB]

Further information requested and response

Further information requested [PDF, 240 KB]
1. Geotech Report  [PDF, 1441 KB]
2. RFI Letter [PDF, 515 KB]
3. Ballymena ODP [PDF, 407 KB]
4. Local Map [PDF, 725 KB]
5. Resource Consent Decision 165220  [PDF, 253 KB]


Plan Change Report / Application [PDF, 1380 KB]
Appendix 1 Location / Outline Development Plan [PDF, 397 KB]
Appendix 2 Computer Freehold Registers / Certificates of Title [PDF, 97 KB]
Appendix 3 Geotechnical Report [PDF, 9171 KB]
Appendix 4 Soil Reports [PDF, 4217 KB]
Appendix 5 Traffic Assessment [PDF, 971 KB]
Appendix 6 Infrastructure Report [PDF, 769 KB] Appendix 1 for Infrastructure Report [PDF, 7707 KB]
Appendix 7 Landscape & Visual Assessment Report [PDF, 4733 KB]
Appendix 8 Preliminary Site Investigation Report [PDF, 3314 KB]


If you have any questions, please contact Ben Rhodes on 347-2824 or e-mail pc54@selwyn.govt.nz