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Operative as of 24 June 2013

Operative 24 June 2013

Public Notice of approval [PDF, 178 KB] - No appeals have been received by the Environment Court on Plan Change 24, and it can now be made operative on 24 June 2013.

Plan Change 24 Approved

Plan Change Hearing

Officer's 42a Report [PDF, 4531 KB]


Silverstream Estates Ltd have applied for a plan change to rezone existing Living 2A (Deferred) land in eastern Darfield to a mix of Living 1 and Living 2A zones.  The site is boarded by Creyke, Telegraph and West Coast Roads. There is also access from Cardale Street.

Submissions and further submissions have been received and summarised.

At present, the District Plan requires both a water supply and the inclusion of an Outline Development Plan (ODP) within the District Plan to remove the current deferral of the land. The purpose of the Plan Change is to remove the deferral across the site as well as provide for the rezoning of the land, enabling more intensive residential development.

If provision of a water supply is not finalised by the time a decision on the Plan Change is made, the proposed Living 1 zoned land will remain deferred until there is provision of a water supply. As soon as a water supply is confirmed, the deferral will be removed via a Council resolution rather than a future plan change.

Currently there is no reticulated sewer system in Darfield. It is proposed that sewerage can be managed by either individual on-site sewage treatment systems or a sewer reticulation system installed using a transportable membrane bioreactor (MBR) system with adjacent disposal field.

For further information regarding this plan change or the process outlined above, please contact the Duty Planner on 03 347-2868 or email