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Operative as of 8 March 2010

Operative as of 8 March 2010

Variation 30 made amendments to Financial Contribution provisions in the Proposed Selwyn District Plan. In summary the Variation 30 amendments as notified included:

  • Amendments to the objectives and policies of the District Plan to clarify the Council’s decision to require development contributions for reserves, network infrastructure and community infrastructure under the Local Government Act (LGA) 2002;
  • Deletion of all rules and references to rules in the District Plan which require financial contributions for reserves, network infrastructure and community infrastructure;
  • Amendment to the provisions of the District Plan which refer to the LGA to reflect the 2002 amendments to that Act;
  • Retention of provisions relating to the taking of esplanade strips / esplanade reserves;
  • Retention of amended provisions relating to environmental damage;
  • Introduction of new policies covering Environmental Compensation and the form of land contributions.

At its meeting on the 9th of December 2009 Councillors resolved to accept the Hearing Panel’s Recommendation as Council’s decision on Variation 30 to the District Plan.

No appeals were received within the appeal period which closed on the 12th of February 2010. As a result the Variation is now operative as of 8 March 2010.

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