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Last modified: 01 Dec 2020 9:38am

A man breathing into a breathelyser at a roadside police stop

The Selwyn road safety team is launching its annual anti-drink-driving campaign. Alcohol is the second biggest contributing factor to road crashes in New Zealand.

This years ‘That’s a Fail’ campaign is reminding people of the risks that drink-driving brings. Everyone’s perception of how much they can drink is different, however the law is precise. If you’re over 20 years of age the legal blood alcohol limit for driving is no more than 50 milligrams of alcohol for every 100 mls of blood. There is a zero alcohol limit if you are under 20. That means if you drive after consuming even one drink, you can be charged with drink-driving.

Summer, and particularly Christmas, is a time when people enjoy catching up with friends and attending functions, but a drink-driving conviction or causing a crash has lifelong consequences, Road Safety Education Coordinator Jessica Fairbrass says. “The summer months are a time to enjoy and celebrate. We’re reminding people to plan ahead before drinking. If you’re planning on drinking, plan not to drive.”