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Last modified: 29 Jul 2020 10:45am

Selwyn ratepayers will be receiving their first rates notices for the 2018/19 year by post or email about now – and will notice a few things have changed.

The rates were set by the Council after consultation on the Long-Term Plan, which set out the major projects for the next 10 years, along with the expected costs.

Nearly 1,800 people provided feedback on the Plan, either through formal submissions or online feedback.

Overall, the average Selwyn rate increase per ratepayer is 6%, reflecting the investment in landmark district projects including roading improvements, the Selwyn Aquatic Centre extension and the new Rolleston Library and Community Centre. Actual increases for individual ratepayers will vary based on location, property type and the services received, and may be higher or lower than the average.

The biggest change is the introduction of standard district-wide rates for community centres and reserves. This means everyone will now pay towards the cost of these facilities and everyone will pay the same amount. The big advantage of this change is that it will provide the funding to allow us to provide a network of quality facilities across Selwyn that best meet the needs of our community.

Another change is that all ratepayers will now contribute to the cost of the water race network. This recognises that water races don’t just provide stock water, but also contribute to Selwyn’s environment and biodiversity, the aesthetics of our townships and the district’s rural heritage.

In addition there are increases in the General Rate (the part of the bill based on the capital value of the property), water rates and the stormwater rate. The $60 previously collected for additional transportation costs has been stopped and is now collected through the General Rate.

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You can also find out about different types of rates, easy ways to pay, the rates rebate scheme and more, on our website.  The first rates instalment is due for payment on 15 September.