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Last modified: 27 Apr 2022 10:27am

A boy in a blue sun hat drinks from a drinking fountain

Selwyn continues to have some of the cheapest water and newest and most reliable water networks in New Zealand.

For the second year running, Selwyn had the cheapest volumetric water charge in Aotearoa in 2020/21 and among the lowest overall charges for 200m3 of water according to the latest Water New Zealand National Performance Report.

The annual report is compiled by Water New Zealand, an independent not-for-profit organization representing water professionals and organisations.

The report again showed Selwyn has the newest water and wastewater pipes, with the average age of water and wastewater pipes in Selwyn well under 20 years and its stormwater pipes having the second youngest average age in the country according to the report.

It also has among the fewest water, wastewater and stormwater pipes rated as being in poor condition, and fewer than average drinking water supply interruptions, down from the previous year’s report.

While leakages had increased in the past year Selwyn still has among the lowest leaks of any network in the country

The Council continues to invest above the national average per property in capital expenditure for drinking and wastewater, with its new network contributing to comparatively low operational expenditure being required to maintain the network.

Average water usage for Selwyn residents has dropped to an average of 296 litres per person per day. That figure is below Selwyn’s average for the previous five years (379 litres) and around the national average of 282 litres.

The Council has been working to encourage users to think more carefully and be intentional around water use, including agreeing to put more emphasis on volumetric charges to give ratepayers more control over their water bills and offering a financial incentive for reducing water wastage.

Council Infrastructure Group Manager Murray Washington says it’s good to see the district’s water systems continue to perform well.
“As the fastest growing district in the country, we’ve also got the fastest growing water infrastructure, which puts a lot of pressure on our staff who are passionate about doing a good job for this community. It’s good to see their hard work reflected, showing that while we have work to do, overall we’re delivering a really good service for Selwyn.”