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Council decisions this week – Wednesday 10 October

Prebbleton sewerage pump station

Work on a new sewerage pump station at Prebbleton can proceed, after the Council approved a Notice of Requirement for the station.  The pump station will sit on an 804.9m2 rectangular block on land, which is currently vacant, on the western side of Springs Road. The pump station is part of the Eastern Selwyn Sewerage Scheme, and will help provide adequate wastewater treatment and disposal for the projected growth in the surrounding townships. The existing pump station at Springs Road is currently at capacity.

Review of Parks and Reserves Bylaw

The Council has approved a review of the Parks and Reserves Bylaw to go out for public consultation. The review of the Bylaw introduces changes around the use of aircraft and drones, unsupervised use by children under 10, animals on parks and reserves, use of vehicles and rules around lighting fires. Submissions on the proposed changes are open until 20 November, with public hearings later that month. A subcommittee of Councillors Bob Mugford, Debra Hasson and Craig Watson will hear submissions on the proposed amendments. The Council is expecting to adopt the Bylaw in February 2019.

District Parking Strategy

The Council has endorsed a Draft Selwyn District Parking Strategy for public consultation. This is a new strategy, and has been developed to recognise the importance of managing car parking as a key method to provide for vibrant and viable town centres. It aims to contribute to the accessibility and vitality of

town centres, and enable safe, efficient vehicle access to destinations for residents, staff and visitors. Areas the strategy is looking at include:

  • Restricting car parking in some areas of Lincoln and Rolleston town centres
  • Providing off street car parking in Lincoln and Rolleston
  • No parking requirements for other centres
  • Development contributions to help fund off street car parking
  • Parking restrictions and enforcement

Consultation on the strategy will take place during November. A subcommittee compromising Councillors Mark Alexander, Nicole Reid and Jeff Bland has been appointed to hear submissions on the draft strategy.

Seal Extension Policy

Council has reaffirmed its current policy for seal extensions. A review was recently undertaken on how Council prioritised the sealing of rural roads, following recurring public requests for roads to be sealed through Annual and Long-Term Plan submissions. The Council’s roading network  currently includes around 1,100 kilometres of unsealed low-volume roads. These generally carry less than 200 vehicles per day. The Council uses a Benefit-Cost Ratio system to evaluate whether it is viable to seal an unsealed road.

The review considered whether seal extensions could be provided for through a new funding policy that enables landowners to pay for a seal extension under a targeted rate arrangement. After reviewing the proposal, the Council agreed to maintain the current policy, using the BCR system, which already provides a mechanism for landowners to fund seal extensions.