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Last modified: 29 Jul 2020 10:25am

In Selwyn we have over 13,500 dogs!

It’s important to remember when exercising our dogs in public areas we are keeping them and others safe.

Selwyn has some off-leash dog exercise areas including fully-fenced dog parks in Rolleston and Leeston and authorised reserves or parks, but unless you’re in one these areas, all dogs need to be on-leash when out for a walk or run.

One particular area of concern is Coles Fields subdivision in Rolleston. This is a strictly on-leash area. We have been made aware of a number of issues with dogs being exercised off-leash in this area, so please ensure your dog is on its leash when being exercised here.

Benefits to dogs being on-leash include:

  • it’s a good way to bond and create companionship with your dog
  • it prevents your dog from wandering onto other people’s property or the road
  • you have the ability to quickly remove it from potentially negative situations
  • it prevents your dog from finding or eating potentially hazardous things
  • it protects other wildlife, such as birds.

You can find a full list of authorised off-leash reserves, parks and domains in the current bylaw [PDF, 361 KB]. It’s important to ensure that regardless of where you are, that your dog is under effective control at all times.