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Last modified: 26 Jul 2022 4:11pm

Car parked on footpath

Think before you park – that’s the message in a new campaign to stop people parking on footpaths across Selwyn.

Council departments are working together to make our footpaths safer, and tackle the ongoing problem of vehicles illegally obstructing footpaths and parking on them.

The safety of pedestrians is paramount, says Regulatory Manager Susan Atherton. “Footpaths should be unobstructed and pedestrians using them should not have to walk around vehicles and onto roads – it really is dangerous. We’d prefer not to issue any parking infringements, but if a safety issue is identified, we will be handing out tickets.”

Illegal parking has also become a significant problem according to School Road Safety Coordinator, Stephanie Hautler. “We have noticed over the last couple of years parking on footpaths is happening more and more. It’s a huge concern for vulnerable pedestrians, especially school children who can panic and make a bad decision when their usual route is blocked”.

The Council’s resource consent and building teams are also working with builders and developers, providing information on safe parking.

Information is being included when a resource consent is issued, advising developers to plan their operations and make sure the footpath is not being used as part of their worksite.

With booming development across the district on smaller section sizes, builders and contractors are encouraged to keep vehicles and trailers on site, and check that temporary fencing feet do not overhang on the footpath. It’s also helpful to ensure deliveries are booked so they don’t happen when kids are heading to and from school.

Parking with two wheels up on the footpath is discouraged as this creates a hazard for pedestrians.

Large vehicles and delivery trucks also cause damage to asphalt surfaces and utility service covers. Footpaths should last up to 20 years, but are not designed to take heavy traffic – and their lifespan is significantly shortened when vehicles constantly drive on and over them.

If you see unsafe or illegal parking anywhere in Selwyn, contact the Council on 0800 SELWYN (735 996) or use the Snap Send Solve app.