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Last modified: 29 Jul 2020 10:20am

Winter is back, with a new set of challenges for driving, so we’re encouraging drivers to be alert, slow down and stay safe.

As the weather changes through winter, driving challenges can change quickly with fog, ice, snow, rain, shorter daylight hours and sunstrike. The district also has many shaded areas where large trees or hedges prevent roads from thawing during cooler winter days.

Staying alert and taking extra care is essential, but winter driving does not have to be dangerous or intimidating. Preparing your vehicle and adjusting your driving for the conditions goes a long way towards ensuring your safety and that of others.

To help you start off safe we’ve created a simple four step checklist for when you start and one for when you’re driving. Before you start your car make sure your wiper blades, headlights and tyres are working in good condition and your windscreen is clear inside and out.

And when you’re driving – make sure you can see clearly through your windows in all directions, watch out for shaded areas on the road, keep your distance from the car in front and if the weather is bad put your lights on.