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Last modified: 29 Jul 2020 10:44am

Households on Council water supplies will be receiving their latest water rates invoices over the next four months, starting this month.

Every six months, households are billed for their volumetric charge, which is based on the amount of water used. There’s also a fixed annual charge, which is billed separately on the rates invoice.

Water rates are charged to fund the ongoing costs of operating the water supply, and to provide funds for maintaining and renewing the supply infrastructure so that it continues to operate at an acceptable level of service, providing reliable, safe, clean water to Selwyn communities.

All councils charge for water supply. Some councils charge households a fixed water rate, some charge a rate based on a property’s capital value, some charge a variable amount based on the amount of water used (volumetric charging), and some charge a combination of these methods.

water charges

In Selwyn, for the majority of households, the current water rate comprises a fixed charge of $235 a year, plus an additional volumetric charge of 46 cents per cubic metre of water (1000 litres).

Water meters have been progressively installed across Council water supplies in Selwyn over a number of years, and are installed as standard in all new subdivisions. Currently 98.3% of households on Council water supplies are metered.

One of the benefits of water meters is that they directly link water use to cost , and help to reduce water consumption, as households become more aware of their water consumption. People who use more water pay more in charges, while properties with lower water use benefit from lower charges.

A recent independent comparison of water charges across New Zealand shows Selwyn’s volumetric charge is one of the lowest in the country, and when combined with the fixed charge, is in the middle of the range of water charges nationwide.
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