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the sensory experience at Te Ara Atea

Most residents love Selwyn as a great place to live and feel a sense of strong belonging and community.

For the fourth year in a row the Council’s annual survey of residents shows over 90% of residents rate Selwyn as ‘a great place to live’. For the 2021 survey 92% of residents reported the district was a great place to live – the same result as 2020 and consistent with the results in 2018 (91%) and 2019 (93%).

Despite being the fastest growing place in the country—with the total number of new residents more than all of the country’s main centres—the sense of community remains strong in the district.

Three quarters of residents surveyed said they felt a sense of belonging and community.

Overall 66% of residents rated the Council’s performance as good or very good, up 6% from 2020 and consistent with the ratings from 2017-2019.

Residents were also asked to rate a range of services and facilities the Council provides, with rubbish collection (93% rated good or very good), organics (88%), playgrounds (90%), libraries (88%), sewage and wastewater services (88%) and parks and reserves (87%) the highest rated services.

Council-operated swimming pools continued to rate highly (82% good or very good), while the Pines Resource Recovery Park was rated good or very good by 85% of people who had used the facility.

Community facilities continue to be well used and enjoyed by residents. Public halls have been used at least once in the past year by 76% of respondents, while 85% have visited a park or reserve and 63% have used the public library network.

In questions about customers’ experience in interacting with the Council, 80% of customers found it easy or very easy to deal with the Council.