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Last modified: 08 Dec 2020 8:00am

Three people unloading trailers of green waste into a pile

The recent Malvern and Ellesmere Recycling Drop-off Days proved popular once again with the local communities.

The two recycling days, held in November, helped people to recycle more than 23 tonnes of items.

Over the two days, 220 vehicles dropped off 14,300 kg of garden waste which will now be composted, as well as 9,000 kg of scrap metal, over 100 tyres and 35 TVs which will now be recycled.

This year’s recycling days were the first events to include the option to bring bulky waste items to be taken to landfill. Residents took advantage of this, bringing in a combined total of over 5,000 kg of furniture, couches, chairs, desks and carpets.

Council Solid Waste Manager Andrew Boyd says the intent of the days was to provide a pop-up transfer station, which is more convenient for residents further away from the recovery park to recycle these items.

It is good to see the community embracing the recycling days, he says.

“We’re really pleased to see how keen people are to recycle and how well these days are serving the community. We can see from the huge quantities of items people are dropping off that there’s a lot of value in these events and that the community appreciate them. It’s nice to see people’s passion in these areas for recycling and protecting our environment and that we can support them to do that.”

The Council made a donation to The Selwyn Heritage Centre and the Malvern Lions, who helped out with running the days.