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Last modified: 29 Jul 2020 10:44am

A row of parked Lime Scooters in Christchurch

Selwyn District Council has agreed to trial Lime Scooters in Rolleston once safety concerns and other issues have been addressed.

The Council has agreed to a six month trial, but only once staff and Lime Scooters have worked through issues around where the scooters will be able to travel and how fast, as well as public education, costs and legal requirements under the Council’s bylaws.

The proposal by Lime is to introduce 200 scooters to the Rolleston town area. It would make Rolleston the fifth place in New Zealand and the first rural town to allow the scooters.

Mayor Sam Broughton says the decision fits well with the district’s forward thinking attitude, while being realistic about the concerns. “We’re an active community that likes to have fun, to look to the future and give things a go and trialing Lime scooters is a part of that. I’m looking forward to taking one out for a spin and seeing whether they’re something that works to benefit Rolleston and the district.”

Some of the attractions of the scooters, he says, include ease of use, particularly for people who don’t drive, sustainability and fun. However, concerns were also raised about people taking the scooters on roads with higher speed limits and pedestrian safety on narrow footpaths.

The Council agreed that Lime and Council staff would work together to address these concerns before the trial could go ahead.