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Last modified: 02 Feb 2021 9:00am

The new intersection at Rolleston Drive, Dryden Avenue and Norman Kirk Drive is due to open on Thursday 18 February.

The upgrade includes the Markham Way extension and a new road layout for Norman Kirk Drive and Markham Way.

The upgrade has seen Norman Kirk Drive realigned with traffic lights installed at the new intersection of Norman Kirk Drive with Rolleston Drive and Dryden Avenue.

The intersection will be fully opened when the traffic lights are turned on late next week. The extension of Markham Way and the new intersection of Markham Way and Norman Kirk Drive will be opened at the same time.

The new intersection will improve traffic flow on Rolleston Drive, supporting access to the Christchurch Southern Motorway, along with the Selwyn Health Hub on Norman Kirk Drive. It will also provide extra safety and ease up crossing for pedestrians including Rolleston School pupils.

The Markham Way extension will also support access to the Rolleston Town Centre and the traffic flow on Tennyson Street.

Traffic on Norman Kirk Drive will have the right of way over traffic exiting Markham Way, which will need to give way. Please drive carefully and observe all traffic signs and directions.

The Council appreciates people’s patience with the road works required while this work was being carried out.